Synopsis: The stork Cathy, the mouse Nicholas and his family were forced to close down the cinema where they work for a living. Has reached the age of television and many of his former prefer to stay home fascinated by the new television programs. With courage and imagination that characterized them, our friends decide to become the intrepid reporters of a new television channel run by Papa Mouse. After done with a camera and the necessary equipment, looking for a program with a large audience that hauls them to stardom. It will not be easy. After several failed attempts they decided to do something very original: go in search of a dove migration that give all disappeared and broadcasted by the adventure of finding live. Cathy and Nico will travel to five continents and known to neighbors around the world. Soon you will see that they are not alone in the fascinating search for the famous Paloma Migration.

2D Animation

Year: 2008

Duration: 72’

Languages: Spanish / English